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[DF] Dark Forces Clan - Online Gaming COD4 Clan

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Join Dark Forces Clan (DF)


  1. eMail your info as listed below to:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  2. Once accepted you will provided with access to the site. 
  3. Once you have updated your profile on the website you may then use the =DF= tags with the starting rank of Pvt. ( example: =DF=Pvt.Name )


Member information needed for registration eMailed to above email

  1. Online Player Name
  2. First  name and surname
  3. Age
  4. Full Residential Address
  5. Mobile Number
  6. Landline Number home or work
  7. Occupation or Student
  8. eMail Address (No Hotmail or Yahoo eMail accounts)



Why Would You Want to Join Dark Forces Clan!!!!


We are the first of a kind where players on public servers will have an opportunity to join a PUBLIC SERVERS TEAM /CLAN /ARMY /BAND OF BROTHERS without having to be the best or have to compete in tryouts that most clans put all person through. Where some who have tried to join have had to face humiliation or rejection if they don’t make these "clan" requirements, not good for self esteem or being called a "noobe" a common phrase used online these days, we ALL out there started somewhere and only a bad sportsmen will use the quote, how quick they forget, they were also a "noobe" at one time or another. Once in the Clan you will see there are no set times enforced by us to play. You just need to be an iGame or SAIX Sever player to join, or any public server player in the world, be it from once a month to once a year we don’t care your time is your own, we respect that and we don’t fix any times to play on line. It’s all at leisure in [DF] Dark Forces, why you may ask? Well because we are cool and a laid back bunch in [DF].We all just want to have lots of fun when playing on line with our new found friends, when we have those bits of free time, in these busy times and world we all live in. Recruitment and Public Relations run by ***DF**GOA.Gen.Seanski.


USMC Ranking System


As our ranks have grown we have started to align ourselves to the COD4 Ranking system that uses the real USMC (United States Marine Core) Ranking system. We had initially allocated ** (Stars) to our respective officers but this has required our players to shorten their online player names or leave them the same or change them. The Ranks of our members is in our National Clan Structure on our home page. This is managed by ***DF**GOA.Gen.Seanski.



Dark Forces - Forum


The Dark Forces Clan has its own forum and has special sections for members and soon will have sections open previously closed to the public. In our special sections is all important communications and briefs for members. A gallery to post photos as we encourage local Battalion get togethers for Lans, braais and social functions to get to meet our Team mates off line and make new friends. The clan commander also makes a point to meet players where ever and when ever possible and pics of these are also posted here. Event photos are also placed in our forum to give members insight into what’s going on in with the clan both locally and Internationally. Important information on Promod and other interesting topics are also listed here as well as tips and more. Battalion Structures and Clannie Team info and briefs are also listed in our Forums. This section is managed by **DF**Gen.Virus



Dark Forces - Allies

We have forged Alliances with FRAG LAN Admin who are the hosts of Durban local Lan Tournaments. We have forged alliances with iGame Admin on whose Servers we play on and Support, we are working on a new alliance with SAIX Admin whose servers we also play on.


Dark Forces - Supply Depot

Our Official Supply Depot is Computers Only who can be found at www.iwebz.co.za . Who supply lots of software and hardware to our players, with special discounts.


Dark Forces - Inception of the Clan 2007

My idea together with **DF**Gen.Blackdog was a new concept which was to bridge this gap of playing “alone on line on public servers” to playing with “a new found friend or friends” online on the public servers. I have also wanted to allow players the option of meeting people with the same interests in their areas they reside in, people that they and may never have met before. Initially we were trying to restrict the amounts of slots available for applicants, from a first come first serve basis or requests from players or invites wishing to join, allocating each individual into one of these few above open slots that were available. This restriction of slots concept has had to be re-opened several times due to popular demand and as we are for the public we decided we will do our best to accommodate all players and requests within reason when it comes to applications.



Dark Forces - Being a Member

Once you are in … you will never be alone out there online …. you will also become part of the growing community with similar interests, meet people and participate in Local LAN's and competitions with your new found friends under your new Band of Brothers [DF] Dark Forces Clan.




Dealing with a little negative public opinion

  1. As a large clan we are always going to be a target for those who want to stir with us, either cos they were rejected by, beaten by, owned by a Dark Forces player
  2. Don't take it personal and retaliate, show you are better and they will have no way to respond to that. 
  3. Unfortunately for these few it’s a free country and freedom of choice prevails … Yeh!!!
  4. Other Clans may even also not like this concept but we are not ...LIKE OTHER CLANS !!!
  5. We also all started out just as you did a “NOOB PLAYER” and have grown because we are a cool bunch of girls and guys to play alongside of.


Dark Forces - Code of Conduct (ROE)

  1. All we require most and foremost is always play within the rules of each server host we play on iGame and SAIX for those of us in South Africa, iGame (STCU) and SAIX (ROE) rules are our rules and are posted on our web-site.
  2. Also we generally like to only play Marines or SAS, unless there is an Auto Team Balance or if we decided to go over to the other side to avoid stacking or if the team numbers are unfair 5 vs. 10 e.g.
  3. But most of all because we all want to have fun out there. Once in the Dark Forces [DF] Clan / Army / Team / Band of Brothers, conduct yourself always properly on line and stick within the Rules Of Engagement (ROE)because you will be representing your team, the Dark Forces and your buddies.
  4. Don’t belittle new players “Noobs” as well, rather encourage them and help them to grow as we all did.
  5. Don’t get drawn into conflict by any other players on line wishing to aggravate you, but also let them know not to mess with you by owning them. This is section is managed by **DF**Gen.Malithka Most of all have lots of fun on line. I look forward to hearing from you and receiving your application to join our ranks.


Once you are a member Dark Forces Clan you are one of us and will command respect on the battlefield


Strength and Honour, Hooraah!

Dark Forces Army - Clan Commander




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